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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

3 Common Skincare Mistakes and How to Correct Them

1. Over exfoliating: I get it, the urge to scrub off all the drama, make up and missed opportunities of the day but honey put the scrub down. Exfoliating too often can actually expose your skin to yucky germs creating acne and even infections... gross.

The Fix 
According to Glamour Magazine article "Beauty Mythbuster: How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Skin?" 
"Two to three times a week for normal and combination skin, and once a week for sensitive skin," says Dr. Tanzi. (As a refresher, combination skin is oily through the T-zone with dry cheeks, normal skin has the same amount of oil throughout, and sensitive skin gets red and irritated easily.)
2. Under Moisturizing: The truth about oily skin is that it's overworked and underpaid honey. What do I mean by that exactly? Your oily skin NEEDS hydration, when your skin is extra oily, it is actually trying to overcompensate for the moisture it's lacking.

The Fix 
Try a water based moisturizer. These creams are perfect for those with oily skin, water doesn't bind to the skin like an oil based moisturizer would, decreasing the chance of your pores clogging which can lead to breakouts.

3. Not following a routine based on your skin type: Me and my BFF share pretty much everything,  deep dark secrets, drunken mom nights in, but what we can't share are the same skincare products. She's dry, I'm oily and as much as we would love to add skincare into the list o'things we share the bottom line is we can't. Using products that do not best fit your skin type can actually cause your skin to act up even more. Remember you can't always try the "It" new product, some things just aren't for you babe.

The Fix
Take a moment and figure out your skin type here. Pitch, donate, store for decoration the products that just aren't for you and keep your eyes peeled for the perfect ingredients for your skin. 

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Monday, October 22, 2018

How to Build a Kick Ass Skincare Routine

As you know, there are no magic skincare products that keep you looking 18 forever but lucky for us there are amazing ingredients out there that keep the aging process at bay and allow us to age gracefully.

The secret to great, youthful looking skin is pretty simple. Stay consistent, drink your water and do what works for YOUR SKIN. Sounds simple enough right? Next time you are adding new skin care goodies to your cart keep 3 important things in mind: Your age, skin type and product ingredients. Let's dive in. 

Step 1: Identify focus by age.

20's: Protection and Prevention.

Nothing ages you quicker than sun damage so please wear your sun screen! I was notorious for skipping the screen when I was younger; 1. because I was stupid and 2. I thought wearing it would prevent me from looking like a chocolate dipped goddess. Quick tip: Don't be like me, remember SPF 30 and above and buy "broad spectrum" to protect against UVA and UVB rays.

30's: Preventing signs of aging.
Honey if you are 29 (me) ... Go ahead and start here. We are focusing on exfoliation and getting rid of old skin cells that are trying to prevent us from being carded while buying wine at Kroger. Repeat after me Alpha Hydroxy Acids. AHA's are natural served from various plant and milk sources. These ingredients can break down the substances that hold dead skin together, and allow your beautiful glowing skin to shine through.

40's: Dip Baby Dip.
We're focusing on extra moisture at this age. One great way to sneak in some extra moisture is to incorporate a moisturizing foundation into your make up routine.

Step 2: Identify Skin Type

Have no idea which skin type you have? Try this little trick from Tatcha, wash your face with a gentle face wash, do not follow up with any additional products for 30 minutes. Check your skin and evaluate. 

Oily: Shine in T-zone area (forehead, nose, chin) in addition to cheeks. 
Combination: Shine in T-zone area (forehead, nose, chin), slight dryness in cheek area.
Dry: Skin feels tight post wash, with dryness around mouth and forehead.

Step 3: To Buy or Not to Buy (Isn't that always the question?)

Avoid: Foam lathers, willow bark.
Try: Oil Based cleansing wash,  Rose toner, Peptide serum, Vitamin E moisturizer.
Ingredient list: 
Vitamin C, E, A
Glycolic Acid 
Lactic Acid 

Avoid: Natural oil based products, harsh scrubs.
Try: Clay based cleanser, Balancing toner, Hyaluronic Acid serum, Oil free moisturizer. 
Ingredient list:
Hyaluronic Acid 
Alphahydroxy Acids

Avoid: Oil based products, heavy moisturizers.
Try: Gel or Foam cleanser, Vitamin C toner, Antioxidant rich serum, H2o moisturizer
Ingredient list:
Witch Hazel
Aloe Vera
Vitamin C
Betahydroxy Acids 

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